We re-cell / rebuild  your Matco 10.8 battery with High quality Panasonic Li-ion replacements.

We only replace the cells. We cannot repair faults with the circuit.  If We find that wires have come undone, we will reconnect them at no extra cost. If the pack is found to be faulty it will be returned and payment refunded (Less our shipping cost back to you).

Please note: You are not buying a new battery. You are purchasing a battery re-cell of all your battery cells with NEW Grade-A replacements..

You will need to send us your old battery.




David, just wanted to let you know that the battery rebuild you did on my Quantum Turbo Z is just great. Better than new. I have used it 3 times already and am amazed at the number of flashes I am able to get from the Turbo Z.